Different Types Of Welding Joints

Different Types Of Welding Joints

1. Tee Welding Joint:- Tee welding joints are formed when two members intersect at a 90° angle which makes the edges come together in the center of a plate or component. 

2. Lap Welding Joint:- Lap welding joints are used most often to joint two pieces with differing thicknesses together.  Also considered a fillet type, the weld can be made on one or both sides. 

3. Edge Welding Joint:- Edge welding Joints are often applied to sheet metal parts that have flanging edges or are placed at a location where a weld must be made to attach to adjacent pieces.

4. Corner Welding Joint:-     Being one of the most popular welds in the sheet metal industry the Corner welding joint is used on the outer edge of the piece.  This weld is a type of joint that comes together at right angles between two metal parts to form an L.

5. Butt Welding Joint:- Being the universally accepted method for attaching a pipe to itself it’s also used for valves, flanges, fittings, and other equipment.   A butt welding joint is also known as a square grove weld.  

6. Fillet Welding Joint:- Fillet Welded Joints are just another terminology for corner, lap, and tee joints. Fillet Welded Joints are the most common type of welding joint and accounts for nearly 75% of joints made with arc welding.

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