All Types of Industrial Products available includes Industrial Valves, Electric Motor, Industrial Ladder, Drill Machine, Conveyor Belt, Welding Machine, Cutting Tools, Air Compressor

 Types of Electric Motors                                                             

 1. AC Brushless Motors
 2. DC Brushed Motors
 3. DC Brushless Motors                                                 
 4. Linear Motors
 5. Servo Motors
 6. Stepper Motors  

Types of Industrial Valves
 1. Ball Valve
 2. Gate Valve
 3. Plug Valve
 4. Butterfly Valve
 5. Globe Valve
 6. Pinch Valve
 7. Disc Check Valves

Types of Industrial Ladders

 1. Single Pole Ladders (maximum length 9 metres)
 2. Extension Ladders (maximum length 15 metres)
 3. Step Ladders (maximum height 6.1 metres)
 4. Dual Purpose Ladders (stepladder hinged to provide an extension)
 5. Platform (podium) Ladders
Types of Drill Machine

1. Portable or hand drilling machine
2. Sensitive or bench drilling machine 
3. Upright drilling machine 
4. Radial drilling machine 
5. Gang drilling machine
6. Multiple spindle drilling machine 
7. Deep hole drilling machine

Types of Conveyor Belt

 1. Slider Bed
 2. Roller Bed 
 3. Horizontal Belt Conveyor
 4. Incline and Decline Conveyor
 5. Brake and Meter Belt Conveyor
 6. Metal “Piano Hinge” Conveyor
 7. Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
 8. Portable Conveyor
Types of Welding Machine

 1. Carbon Arc, which is used for welding alloy steel and water jet cutting.
 2. Orbital or Tube Arc is used in casting, shipbuilding, automotive industry etc.
 3. Plasma Arc is used for welding of surgical instruments, food industry, dairy industry etc.
 4. Stud Arc is mostly utilised in fabrication and machining.
 5. Submerged Arc is chiefly used in industrial welding and pipe welding.

Types of compressors

 1. Reciprocating compressors.
 2. Ionic liquid piston compressor.
 3. Rotary screw compressors.
 4. Rotary vane compressors.
 5. Rolling piston.
 6. Scroll compressors.
 7. Diaphragm compressors
 8. Air bubble compressors